Samsung to reportedly disable battery charging in Galaxy Note7 units through software update

Soon after reports of Samsung Galaxy Note7 units catching fire and exploding started making rounds last year, Samsung recalled the units from all over the world, not once, but twice. While Samsung has retrieved over 96% Galaxy Note7 units until now through the recall, there are still some who just can’t let go of their Note7 and keep it using. This puts the users as well as the people around them in danger, and hence, Samsung has decided to disable battery charging in Galaxy Note7 through a software update.


This is not the first time Samsung will be limiting the battery charging capacity in the Note7 through a software update. This South Korean giant has already done it in the past, however, that software update did allow the device to be charged till 60%. Well now, Samsung won’t allow that much charge as well and will completely disable the battery charging on Galaxy Note7 by rolling out a software update.

Samsung has said that it has received around 97% of the Galaxy Note7 units sold in South Korea, however, those remaining 3% units are still dangerous to have around. We do agree that the Galaxy Note7 was a great smartphone (sans the battery defect, of course) and would have been the best smartphone of 2016 if it hadn’t been recalled. However, the owners of these faulty Galaxy Note7 units do need to understand now that having one in the working condition around themselves is dangerous. You never know when it overheats and catches fire.

Well, we hope that Samsung’s plan to disable the Galaxy Note7 from charging will work, leading to 100% retrieval of the Galaxy Note7 units.