Samsung’s bike prototype docks and charges your Galaxy device – while you ride!

Samsung might be the most commercial brand we know, but it does not defer from innovation. One of the most interesting devices that Samsung unveiled at CES 2014 was not a smartphone, but actually an innovative smartphone dock, that will leave you amazed. Samsung has come out with a dock that can be mounted atop a bike and while you are biking around, it charges and does a lot else.



Samsung has partnered with Trek bikes and has also utilized the Samsung Galaxy Gear forthe purpose – it tracks the rider’s vitals, speed and other biking data, while being charged and mounted atop the bike. It is a pretty slick idea, considering that you can use other features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone such as GPS, music and Maps, while riding around town.

Samsung has mentioned that the dock is currently in the concept stage and will see a commercial release later, but the sneek peek from CES 2014 sure has left us excited for the future.