How to send empty messages on WhatsApp [Guide]

Before you think and comment on this guide, know that sending blank messages on WhatsApp isn’t achieved by adding a blank space from the space bar of your Android keyboard app. There are numerous tricks for WhatsApp and one of them I found exciting is to send empty messages on WhatsApp. If you are too curious to know about this trick, then read on.


You may have thought why would someone send a blank or an empty message on WhatApp?

The reasons can be anything and from my knowledge, it indicates that the person has nothing to say or comment, the person is gradually speechless, or the message itself isn’t worth replying. Last but not the least, it is used for fun if none of the above fits in.

How to send empty messages on WhatsApp

To send empty messages on WhatsApp, it is quite unusual to do but it isn’t any rocket science. The easiest way you could send empty messages is to use WhatsApp’s Webservice i.e WhatsApp Web on a Windows PC. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as of now. If you hold left ALT key and type 0160 on Numpad, you will get a blank character which can be further copied to WhatsApp Web but somehow it doesn’t work with WhatsApp Web.

To send blank messages on WhatsApp application on mobiles, you need a blank or an empty message on your keyboard other than blank space. But as you see, Android keyboards doesn’t come with Unicode characters built-in. So, to get that empty message you have to download a text file created by me containing the empty message waiting for you to copy it to the clipboard and paste it on your WhatsApp chat.

Transfer this text file to your device’s storage and copy the whole text it contains and paste it in your WhatsApp messenger. Be sure to remove the quotes before sending. You have to remove both the quotes first and then the remaining character in WhatsApp. See the screenshot below how it looks when you send a message on WhatsApp.


The same text can also be sent to Facebook and Instagram. Try it yourself and see how it goes. If you can’t do it, tell us in the comments.


Play with your friends and send them blank or empty messages on WhatsApp. Also, check how to type upside down messages on WhatsApp. The more you know about WhatsApp tricks, the more you are going to get surprises.

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