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Simplify your tasks with Taskos To Do List app

taskos 1The Taskos To Do List app simplifies the world around you. It has a great interface and categorizes your everyday work into simple check and cross chits. The app also supports voice integration so you can just speak your tasks in and Boom ! It’s there in your list.
taskos 4
All of your tasks can be edited and personalized in many ways:
  • Task priority can be set as High, Medium or Low depending on the user’s choice. Time and Date reminder options are also available.
  • The user can distribute the task in various categories such as work, home and general. You can also create your own sub categories.
  • Sharing of tasks with family and friends can be easily done with the help of the share button.
  • There is also a sort feature which enables the user to sort out his tasks based on priority, due date, etc.
taskos 3
Another great feature of the app is that the user has an option to just swipe off the completed tasks apart from the traditional check box; a really cool gesture which is not available on many to-do list apps.

This application has a nice UI and we recommend it if you like organizing your tasks in to-do lists on your smartphone. The app can be downloaded free of cost from here.

Edited by Kunal Khullar

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