SK Telecom to launch 7 new 4G Smartphones in coming months

SK Telecom, the top Mobile carrier in South Korea has said that it’ll release seven new smartphones based on the next-gen Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology in coming months. The company had launched its 4G based LTE service in Seoul in June this year and expects national coverage by 2013.

Two mobile phones from Samsung and HTC will be launched over SK Telecom’s network this month and two more handsets from Samsung are expected to be launched in October and November. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9 is also expected to be launched in December over the LTE technology. The company hopes and aims to have 500,000 LTE subscribers by December.

The 4G LTE network is slowly expanding to various countries and is getting a good response. Hopefully the technology will be brought to India soon as the networks and the equipment in the country can support the radio frequencies of 4G.

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