Smartphones are no longer a luxury for the youth

No, we aren’t having a light bulb moment. We are merely hammering a point down. We are looking down upon the past and bringing to you mere facts that might amuse you. If anything has grown faster than your toenails in the past 5 years – its smartphones outright.

Here’s the smartphone saga. In case you aren’t six years old, you will remember a time when the best phones used to be these cool feature phones. And then phones like Nokia 6600 happened.

Smartphones started becoming commonplace. The iPhone came and revolutionized what we expected from phones. Then Android stepped on to the scene and got functionality that everyone dreamed of, day and night, and made the decision of buying a smartphone start sounding actually ‘smart’. And coming back from the past, today, thing are so much better – budget smartphones, hordes of apps even more platforms to choose from – Symbian, Windows, Bada or Android, the smartphone scene gets more vibrant everyday. 
The average Joe and Jane no longer dream of buying smartphones when they grow up or become rich. They actually go out and pick out their favorite phones. 
Nielson has given us stats of U.S. users, but we would like to bring them to your attention as we are kind of following the same trend. Mostly, the youth and the rich are still ones who opt for most smartphones. It is no surprise that eighty percent twenty-five to thirty-four year olds with incomes in excess of $100 K (Rs. 50,00,000) possess smartphones. But more than half of those with an income less than $15 K (Rs. 7,50,000) also have smartphones and that is what is a bit enlightening.  But the best part is that even senior citizens (Ages 65+) are also catching up with around 40 percent of high-income earners opting for smartphones. 
Smartphones have started a revolution like none other. They open you up to mobile access to the net, gazillion apps and make you capable of getting more done and not being bogged down to a single machine. They tempt, tease and titillate. Its hard not to get on the smartphone bandwagon. 
Let me end this piece with one fact – In today’s time the possibility of you owning a smartphone is more than you owning a PC.