Top 5 crazy, sexy and strange iPhone cases

The iPhone case industry is having a baby boom. Every other day there is a new case on the market. Everyone has their own takes on an iPhone case some are hard some are soft and some are well, just weird past imagination.
iphone-4  But, we after oodles of hard work, careful consideration and expert supervision have bought you the best of the best. First up, why an iPhone case? That is the question that you may want to ask since the iPhone is popular but still not out-of-the-world popular in India. Well, as is evident from the sales, the world is still going gaga over iPhone and an iPhone seems a comfortable and singular parameter to many case makers since there are thousands of Androids being released in comparison to a single iPhone an year. Also, we would like to add its not as if other phones might not fit into these cases. Its just that they are primarily for iPhones.

Now, coming back to the topic – iPhone cases. Without further ado, we present you with the top 5 iPhone cases:
Pepper spray iPhone case: In case your girlfriend, wife or mom has an iPhone this one might come in handy. The pepper spray iPhone case is just what it sounds like – it doubles as a pepper spray. Piexon has created this smart guard spray based on the logic that you might forget carrying a pepper spray, but you will never forget carrying your iPhone. It provides enhanced protection for women as well as the iPhone. Its available in pink too!

Price: $55 (Rs. 2,750) Link:


Nissan’s self healing iPhone case
: Moving from hurt to heal, Nissan’s self-healing Scratch Shield iPhone case is the best bet in case your iPhone is exposed to wear and tear. This one not only protects your iPhone from scrapes and bruises, but also heals it overtime. The magic ingredient is Polyrotaxane paint that self-heals.


The ‘hockey puck’ iPhone case:
The G-form iPhone case is one built for rugged usage In case, you happen to be in turbulent professions such as dancing or wrestling or are just mainly sporty. It has been used as a hockey puck and after the game the iPhone still didn’t break.

The fingerprint fighter iPhone case: So you protected the sides and the screen but one thing still sucks – the smudges on your iPhone’s screen. The WipeCoin takes care of that with a special ‘coin’ at the bottom of the case that flips out upon pressing and is covered with a special cloth engineered just for the purpose.

Price: $20 (Rs.1000) Link:

Mophie juice pack: No, its not an iPhone case that lets sip on juice while talking. Its an iPhone case with ‘juice’ for your iPhone. The Mophie Juice pack has an inbuilt 2000 mAh batter that charges your iPhone while protecting it.