Snapchat gets hacked, 4.6M users have their details published online

Around 4.6 million Snapchat usernames and all the details including phone numbers attached with them have got hacked and now has been posted online on a website 


Well you must be thinking how did such a hack take place. Snapchat recently commented on the API exploit which can easily crack the app and yes the hackers have used the API exploit to get all this information. It is unknown as to who the people are behind the hack but they state that all the usernames are attached with their respective phone numbers used in the app. The hackers have given the reason why they decided to hack Snapchat:

“(This information) is being shared with the public to raise awareness on the issue. The company was too reluctant at patching the exploit until they knew it was too late and companies that we trust with our information should be more careful when dealing with it.”-SnapchatDB”

The hackers have hidden the last two digits of the phone numbers but have cautioned that in case Snapchat doesn’t beef up its securities they might well release them in full.

Gibson Securities, a company tweeted about the site and told everyone that they had warned Snapchat of the exploit long ago but they were ignored. The reason the hackers have put all the details about the site is that they want Snapchat to take notice:

“You are downloading 4.6 million users’ phone number information, along with their usernames. People tend to use the same username around the web so you can use this information to find phone number information associated with Facebook and Twitter accounts, or simply to figure out the phone numbers of people you wish to get in touch with.”-SnapchatDB!”

If you are a Snapchat user and want to check if your details are up there then hit this link and check it out and we hope Snapchat fixes up things quick.