Snappgrip is a snap-on iPhone camera accessory that will give you manual camera controls!

When we talk about smartphone cameras, what comes to your mind? While it might not be the number one on any one’s list, the rear camera on the iPhone is still there amongst great smartphone cameras. It is easy to focus and takes some great instagram-esque pics.


But how about taking your iPhone camera to the next level? Snappgrip is something that will help you in this regard. It will actually make your smartphone camera feel like something much closer to the usual camera. It is an iPhone accessory that creates the sweetest grip for the rear camera. Along with that, it acts like a usual smartphone case and gives you physical camera controls.





Snappgrip lets you hold the iPhone firmly and easily and with the controls on the top, it will allow you activate the shutter, change between shooting and zoom in or out, just like a vintage Kodak. On the bottom, there is a standard module for a tripod. It will also let you charge the accessory via a mini-USB port located at the back. It will communicate to your phone via Bluetooth or a custom Android and iOS app. It works with iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

It is currently up for a pledge of $46 on Kickstarter, you can put in some money for the project now or cash in for a retail version at $99.