Dialog is a smart skin sticker that might be the best fitness gadget ever!

There are many fantasy devices out there – there are smart glasses, smartwatches and fitness bands. Fitness is, in fact, the new obsession with everybody in the tech industry. Whether it be Samsung, HTC or the little ‘enterprises’ on Kickstarter, everyone and their third cousins are trying to design the perfect fitness gadget. Well, it seems like a little thing named Dialog might have nailed what the perfect fitness gadget is all about.


So, what is this special thing we are gushing about? It is a small smart sticker specially designed for epilepsy patients. Epilepsy effects millions of people around the globe and it is totally ruins people’s life. Dialog might be a life saver that Epilepsy patients need the most. But most importantly, it nails something that all fitness devices should offer – sensors that can detect seizures and alert doctors and family and complete journal of all your medical stats.



Dialog comes with an e-ink screen and built in sensors. It is the size of a stamp and all you have to do with this wearable is stick it to your skin and forget about it. It will directly coordinate with a smartphone app, which is in turn connected to cloud-based tool that will aggregate all your medical data. The aim behind this device is to provide people with a cheap way to avoid seizures and when they do happen, take the best care in that circumstance.


But, what Dialog represents is not only for Epilepsy patients.


It is in fact, a whole new insight into wearables and something that the wearables industry needs to look at.


Dialog is definitely not a fancy multi-touch device, but it serves its purpose. But its not what is on top that matters, rather it is what is on the bottom. The bottom actually comes loaded with that track your hydration, pulse and other biometric data – something that will help you find out what happens between episodes of Epilepsy which has been up till now a medical mystery. It might be something that would help doctors and researchers find a cure for preventing them altogether. Isn’t that what should be the final aim of any fitness device? We think it should.


Not only that, this fitness device with have an active relationship with the patient. In fact, it has a system where a patient can also monitor and put in data, which is once again, a necessary insight into fitness devices. In order for a fitness device to work properly, there needs to be a feedback from the consumer, more so compared  to any other kind of devices. But, it has to be simple. So what does Dialog do? It lets you put in your mood with an up or down swipe.


But most importantly, if you are having a seizure, you can just grab this device with your whole hand, which will trigger a sensor that will trigger a call for help – maybe saving a patient’s life, now that is something health related gadgets need to do the most. It is so much better looking at aggregated data that is not much use to you.


There is also something more on offer. When Dialog collects all that data, it doesn’t mean for you to just have a clout of fancy data, which you would look at a lot in the start and then lose track of, just like your gym workouts. Dialog not only collects health related data, it combines and collates it to find out how medicinal, biometric and environmental data effects it. All the data combined together will create the possibility of finding out why seizures happen and finding out what it represents. It is not only shows the data, but rather shows them together to create a whole database of data that can effectively help you not give you needless information.


Dialog is centered only around Epilepsy, but it has created a fitness gadget, that will help you get healthy and take care of your health problems creating data that will help you more in real time than just overloading your phone with fancy data. Another high point though, is that you can also conceal it, if you don’t want to tell anyone about your health problems.


This is maybe something we need to do, before we get ahead with fancy fitness technology, we have to make it useful in creating not only health stats, but taking care of you.

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