Sony launches smart tennis sensor to help you improve your swing

Well, the world is definitely becoming smart. No, we are not talking about people (they are still the same, sadly), but about objects of everyday usage. As if it was not enough to have smartphones and smartwatches, Sony has launched a smart tennis sensor that will attach to your tennis racket and send data to your phone.


If you are the sporty type, this might be a worthy acquisition. All you have to do is latch it to the bottom of your racket and play like you play. After you are done, you can see the data of your swing and your metabolism on your phone, transferred via Bluetooth. Not just that, it will even tell you how fast the ball is travelling, how you spun it, and essentially how your performance was. This might be worth banking on, if you are thinking about turning pro.

Sony has announced that the sensor will attach to  Vcore Tour G, Vcore Xi 98, Vcore Xi 100, Ezone Ai 98, Ezone Ai 100, and Ezone Ai Lite tennis rackets with more suppport for other rackets coming in the future.

The Sony smart tennis sensor is currently a Japan-only delicasy, but we hope and pray that we get to see such interesting stuff globally.