Sony MDR-10RBT, MDR-10RNC, NWZ-WH303 headphones launched in India

There is one thing Sony forever excels at – creating good sound. Sony has worked on and improved its technology to offer something new to the market. It has launched 3 new headsets each with its own level of awesomeness.


Lets start with its NWZ-WH303 headphone. The NWZ-H303 headphones is definately a breath of fresh air. It comes with 3 different modes – It comes with a music player mode, a headphone mode and a speaker mode. The headphones comes with its own integrated music player so that you needn’t mess with wires and cables to get to your music. It provides easy wireless listening with an improved bass feedback. There is also a speaker mode on-board. Basically, Sony has created speakers and placed them so that they position the sound on your ears,while the headphone hangs around your neck. It means less noise to others and more sound for you. It is also great for listening on the run or while travelling without annoying a lot of people. The headphone mode is something of a general playback thing as far as we could say from our hands on experience. Another interesting thing that it offers is about 20 hours of continued playback on a full charge and also  the ability to play 1 hour on just a 3 minute charge. It is priced at Rs. 8,990.

Another new offering is the  MDR-10RNC noise cancelling headphone. It offers superior noise cancelling capabilities at the press of a button. It has 3 modes – train, airplane and regular. But the noteworthy feature is that it detects the environment automatically and adjusts accordingly. Sony claims that it reduces around 99.4 percent noise automatically.

The MDR-10RBT on the other hand is something totally new. It is an NFC enabled headphone. All you need to do is tap it against your NFC device and it will connect and play sound from your device. It too boasts of high noise cancelling capabilities and comes with a carrying pouch and a plug adapter. Both the MDR-10RBT and MDR-10RNC headphones are priced at Rs 14,990.

The NWZ-WH303 and MDR-10RNC headsets are already available in the market, while the  MDR-10RBT will be available around November-end.