Sony Odin to launch as Xperia X, could be international version of Xperia Z: Rumor

Last week, we heard that Sony’s much rumored and leaked, Sony Yuga could officially launch as the Sony Xperia Z.


And today we hear that the Sony C650X ‘Odin’ which is expected to pack in similar specs as that of the Yuga will be released as the Sony Xperia X.

It is being rumored that the Sony Xperia X will be the international variant of the Xperia Z and the latter is said to be region specific. Also, the Odin will arrive with a different design in comparison to the Xperia Z and it is as follows:
  • Odin is thicker and heavier than Yuga (Xperia Z).
  • The back of the handset will have a textured (or even striped pattern) similar to the Sony Xperia E dual.
  • A small cover on the back of the handset will allow you to hot swap the microSD memory card and SIM card.
  • The front-facing camera will be placed at the bottom-right of the handset (Weird and we doubt that).

We expect Sony to unveil the 5-inch full-HD smartphones at the upcoming CES 2013 which is scheduled during the second week of January.

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