Sony Xperia P coated in 24-carat gold, looks drool-worthy

Luxury smartphones are nothing to us as we have seen gold plated, diamond studded iPhones, manufacturing tying up with companies like Ferrari and bringing out smartphones and more.
And Sony felt that why should it be left alone and has gone ahead and coated its Sony Xperia P smartphone in 24-carat gold.

Yes you read it right! What you are seeing above is the 24-carat gold plated Xperia P smartphone which Sony has created on experimental basis. The company has said that it has created only 15 of these super-luxury smartphone.


If you are thinking if you could get your hands on over one of the 15 gold-plated Xperia P, then you are in some luck. Sony has planned to a treasure hunt over its global Facebook page and so you could win one for yourself.
We are wondering as to why did Sony choose to go ahead with the mid-speced Xperia P smartphone when it has the high-end, James Bond-branded Xperia T smartphone in the house.