Spice partners with Mozilla to bring Firefox OS smartphones to India

With the growing focus on low-budget entry level smartphones, Spice has partnered with Mozilla to launch the Firefox OS smartphones in India.


Spice Retail Ltd has announced its partnership with Mozilla to launch the Firefox OS smartphones to India and to challenge the rapidly growing smartphone market. The company is expected to launch the first such device early next month and would specifically target the affordable segment and first time smartphone buyers.

Soon thereafter, the company is expected to launch a range of Firefox OS smartphones with ultra-low price points. The smartphone would have dual SIM support with access to the Firefox Marketplace with applications like Pinterest, LINE, Facebook and Twitter. The OS is based completely on the HTML 5 platform.

With the Firefox OS entering the Indian smartphone market, the number of users switching from feature phones to smartphones is definitely bound to increase. While there is no official confirmation, we can expect to see handsets priced between Rs. 1500 – Rs. 3000 but with minimal specs. However, despite the low cost, neither Mozilla nor Google, perceive the platform as a threat to Android as is it targeting a different market segment altogether.

Speaking about the development, Dilip Modi, Chairman Spice Retail Ltd said, “We have been the technology innovators in India’s telecom industry and are pleased to introduce the Firefox OS in India through our smartphones to cater to the country’s masses. This partnership with Mozilla showcases our commitment to providing the best technological innovations first hand to our customers. We have high expectations from this partnership as we continue to constantly push the boundaries, and bring unique and exciting products to our customers. These phones will be aggressively priced to ensure, everyone can enjoy and experience the power of the Spice Firefox OS phone.”