Spontime, an app for spontaneous meetings, officially launched

Spontime, an app for spontaneous meetings has been officially launched today. It’s a cross-platform social networking app which makes it easy for you to meet up with your friends.


While you can use messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and others to keep in touch with your friends and arrange meet ups, it can sometimes turn out to be time consuming. Message all your friends, then wait for them to reply, decide a location and what not. Spontime aims to eliminate all this fuss and make it easier for you to organize meetings with your friends spontaneously.


The app is pretty simple and straightforward. Just write what you are up to, select location and time and then select the friends you want to meet with. It’s that simple. You can either pick the location from a map or simply write it. This will then send a notification to the selected friends with all the details like location, time and purpose. The app also keeps its users informed with what their friends are up to.

With all of the technological capabilities at our fingertips today, it seemed like a waste to not utilize it for enhancing people’s everyday lives through friendship, communication, and in-person gatherings.” said Karolina Demianczuk, Founder and Co-Owner of Spontime.

We want this app to be a personalized approach that is much more targeted and private than posting on a Facebook wall. Friends will be able to collaborate for gatherings personally and quickly.” Ms. Demianczuk further added.

Spontime is currently valued at $3.3 million and has investments flowing in from Poland, Sweden and the U.S. The app is focused on high school students, college students and young adults. Spontime aims to reach a target of 8 Million users by the end of 2016 in the U.S. along with a long-term goal of around 300-400 million users across the globe.

We have been using the pre-release version of this app on Android for around a week, and we must say that the app does what it’s meant to, no messing around. The app is available for Android and iOS. Tell us what you think about this app in the comments below.

Download Link: Android | iOS