Steve Jobs’ FBI file points to drug use and reality distortion

Steve Jobs is being considered one of the idols of the 21st century. But like everyone don’t expect him to be perfect. Steve Jobs was once considered for an appointment in the first Bush administration appointment. For this purpose, they delved deep into Jobs’ background. Now that FBI report has been made public.

The report is based upon interviews with Jobs, his friends and colleagues. One part of the report states that Jobs had a ‘tendency to distort reality in order to achieve his goals’.

Many experts have pointed out before that Jobs had invented the reality distortion field. In case you are wondering, there is ample proof of this. For e.g. the Macbook Pro claims to have SSD support up to 10 GB/S. 10 GB per second? If you ask a tech expert, he would straight off tell you that this kind of USB transmission is currently deemed to be near impossible currently. Any ways, Apple can boast until we have the real hardware to test its products out. This is what we mean by reality distortion field.

Apple’s expos are still continuing in the same way as they were before. But do they still us the reality distortion field? Whose to say?

As for drug use, it’s a well documented fact that Jobs crashed in India after dropping out from his college. Here he got his hands on LSD, Marijuana and Hashish.

Here’s the FBI link you might want to catch up on before you get in line for his autobiography.

FBI link