Swype Beta updated with Dragon dictation and more

Swype for Android just got better. Now with Swype beta v3.26.92 users get Dragon dictation and Text to Speech (TTS). This feature comes in as Nuance took over Swype. Now users can speak and the text will be entered by Swype. Also now Swype beta bring in support for over 50+ languages which are easily accessible and downloadable from within Swype.


Also, Swype is now more intelligent as it comes equipped with Advanced Language Modelling which is now 40% faster and gives improved suggestions and learn as you use it.

The changelog is as below:
  • Added Dragon Dictation as voice-to-text provider
  • Enabled language downloads for over 50+ languages, accessible through Swype Settings -> Language Downloads
  • Advanced Language Modelling to give further improved suggestions when Swyping, based on language context
To download the beta update wait until you get the notification over your device or visit here.

Also check out the video below explaining all the new features: