Swype keyboard updated with intuitive bilingual support and four new Indian languages

Earlier today the popular SwiftKey keyboard for Android received the Layouts for Living update. Following close, the Swype keyboard for Android devices has also been updated.


Nuance Communications has announced an upgrade to the Swype Keyboard for Android smartphones and tablets. The update brings keyboard support for an additional four India languages – Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi and Telugu, besides the existing support of Tamil, Urdu, Hindi and Hinglish.

The Swype keyboard now has intuitive bilingual support for alphabetic languages which allows users to quickly and easily enter text in two selected languages simultaneously. There are over 1000 language combinations which can be used to automatically adjust to the bilingual user’s language preference. The keyboard also has continuous phrase-based dictation, which allows to dictate words and phrases.

The Swype keyboard can be highly personalized according to the user’s requirements. The keyboard can be split into left right keyboards. You can also choose the required layout. The keyboard also supports the Talkback and Explore by Touch features which help users to navigate through the keyboard. You can download the app from the Google Play store for Rs. 247.99