Symbian is not dead yet

The huge announcement of the tie-up between Nokia and Microsoft left symbian users in a state of dilemma. Will there be any new versions of symbian? Will there be further support? Will there be any updates of the current running symbian operating systems? According to sources, Nokia have made plans to update the symbian platform for the long run. There will UI changes till the windows mobile powered phones are launched by 2012.

Mr. Marc Driessen, Nokia Benelux product managed gave out some details which were unannounced in the symbian 2011 updates. “Nokia is targeting major UI overhaul in the fall” said Driessen. He also added that an update is rumoured which might include a dedicated pull-down status bar up top, new icons, new flexible widgets, a simplified navigation bar below, and better menus throughout that don’t require a scuba suit to navigate. However there is no confirmation at the Nokia headquarters about these updates or any schedule about these changes. There is also a rumour about a minor update for s^3 phones (N8, E7, C7, C6-01) for which users are eagerly waiting.

Source: allaboutphones, engadget