A game hits seven million downloads. Developer – A 14 year old

Ray-and-his-game_copy_copy Robert Nay, a 14 year old boy from Spanish Fork, Utah in the United States developed a simple physics puzzle game for the iOS platform. The game hit a million downloads, just two weeks after it was launched on the 22nd of December in 2010 from Apple iTunes. The game was chosen as the app of the week by Ansca Mobile, the company that made the software developer’s kit that the boy genius used. Since then the game has surpassed the seven million mark defeating the ever- famous Angry Birds.
The game is a puzzle and game of strategy involving the principles of physics that guide a floating bubble from one destination to another. Here, you are given a set number of items ranging from basic shapes to power-ups that can speed the ball or reverse gravity. You can use the shapes made of metal or wood. Wooden pieces are more affected by gravity; while metal pieces remain on the spot you put them. You can also rotate shapes to help guide the ball through the goal.

There are 32 levels in total that can be accessed from the start point. The graphics is rather plain with simple backgrounds and monochromatic shapes. You can change your ball’s colour, however. There are a few sound effects when the ball bounces or reaches its destination.

The game is available on iOS 3.1, Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad platforms and is being published under the name of Nay Games.