Symbian OS Goes Open Source

symbian  The Symbian Foundation has announced the open source release of the source code for the world’s most widely-used smartphone platform. The Symbian platform is now completely open and the source code is available for free.

Any individual or organization can now take, use and modify the code for any purpose, whether  that be for a mobile device or for something else entirely. Symbian’s commitment to openness also includes complete transparency in future plans, including the publication of the platform roadmap and planned features up to and including 2011. Anyone can now influence the roadmap and contribute new features. 

All 108 packages containing the source code of the Symbian platform can now be downloaded from Symbian’s developer web site (, under the terms of the Eclipse Public License and other open source licenses. Also available for download are the complete development kits for creating applications (the Symbian Developer Kit) and mobile devices (the Product Development Kit). These kits are compatible with Symbian^3, the very latest version of the platform, which is now fully open source and will be “feature complete” during Q1 of this year.