Tariffs may get reduced by 20%

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has lowered the termination charge for all types of domestic calls. This may lead to reduction in tariffs for calls made from any type of phone, fixed or mobile, to any other phone within India

TRAI said in a statement telecom companies will pay a termination charge of 20 paise/min, compared with 30 paise at present. Termination charge is a charge payable by an operator to a rival service provider when you call a subscriber on that network. For eg : If an Airtel Customer calls Vodafone customer then Airtel will pay vodafone at the rate of 30paise/min (from April 1 it is recduced to 20paise/min). The new rates are effective from April 1, onwards and are also applicable for 3G voice calls.