Tata DOCOMO ‘KISS and Win’ Contest

recently announced a contest with an interesting name – ‘KISS and Win’ contest.  Those participating in the contest need to submit their ‘Keep it Simple Silly’ story under any of the four categories – Stand-up Comedy Act, Animation, Comic Strip and Script. The winner in each category will win a sum of Rs. 1, 00,000 and two runner-ups in each category will win a smart phone each. (We are not sure which smart phone, we will update the article once we know it. ) There is no restriction on the number of entries and one can participate in all the categories. The last date of submission for entries is 15th June, 2011.

Brief description of Categories under which KISS stories can be submitted

  • Stand-up Comedy Act – This leg is meant for the people who believe they possess the acting skills! Participants are invited to mimic, enact, try ventriloquism, do whatever they are good at to ensure their act brings out the ‘simple solution’ to life’s complex situations while looking at the funny side. In short make the jury fall off their chairs laughing! The length of the video entry must be upto 2 mins in .flv format.
  • Animation – For the hardwired animators – using the DOCOMO logo, participants need to show how ‘DO’ and ‘CO’ help ‘MO’ to solve his problem through a simple solution! The length of the animation films should be between 05 to 60 seconds in .flv format
  • Comic Strip – For all the illustrators, designers, artists or people who are good at drawing, here is a chance relive the good ol’ memories and create comic strips that highlight simple solutions to life’s jalebis. Participants must bring to life imaginary characters, let speech bubbles talk their tongue and explain their perception of keeping it simple! The comic strip size must be 1024*768px in .JPG format
  • Script – For the creative geniuses who really believe in the power of pen and can bring words to life through their interesting narrations, scripts or stories. Tata DOCOMO is inviting them to pen-down an interesting script for us showcasing how the complexities of life were dispelled using simple solutions.

To share your KISS (Keep it Simple Silly) story on Tata DOCOMO’s CREATE platform visit http://create.tatadocomo.com/create-kiss.aspx

Moreover, you can also win BlackBerry smartphones by sharing your ideas on simplifying the complications in the telecom industry. All you need to do is list out a few suggestions on modifying current services or creating new ones which according to you will work best at making your communication experience glitch free. mThere is no limit on the number of entries that a person can give. However mandatory for the ideas to be original and not copied. To share your suggestions log on to www.facebook.com/tatadocomo