Tata DOCOMO Rs.250 Recharge offers Unlimited 3G Data, Not Really

Tata DoCoMo has recently launched a new “Unlimited 3G data” plan priced at Rs.250 which offers full talktime of the same value too and you would have caught the ad of the plan which is being shown on TV from quite some time now.

Tata DOCOMO Rs.250 Recharge offers Unlimited 3G Data, Not Really  

Now, Unlimited 3G data at Rs. 250, sounds great, isn’t it? But the fact is, it’s not Unlimited 3G data as being shown in the ads on TV.

Yes, you read it right. If you opt in for the Rs.250 ‘Unlimited 3G data plan’, Tata DoCoMo will give you just 1 GB of 3G data usage and once this data limit is crossed, the browsing speed will be downgraded to 64 Kbps with unlimited data usage.
We have confirmed the same with Tata DoCoMo online help executive and the Rs.250 plan is not really an ‘Unlimited 3G data plan’. It is actually quite similar to the one offered by Aircel wherein the 3G data usage is fixed until a limit and later the speed is downgraded and capped at 128 Kbps.
The ad does carry a tiny line where it is mentioned that the speed will be capped once the 1 GB limit is crossed but it is too tiny and most people haven’t noticed it.
Though this plan doesn’t offers Unlimited 3G data, the plan is not bad as it also offers Rs. 250 of full talktime combined with 1 GB of data at 3G speed and unlimited browsing at 64 Kbps after that. The talktime of Rs. 250 doesn’t carry validity and will be added into the core account balance but the ‘Unlimited’ 3G data has a validity of 30 days. Please note that this plan is available only in select towns.

UPDATE: For everyone who is facing problem access 3G after activating the plan or wish to opt in for this recharge, please note that you’ll be needing separate settings for this plan and need to SMS ‘HVC’ to ‘522701. After sending the sms you shall receive new settings that need to be saved on your handset.

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10 Comments on "Tata DOCOMO Rs.250 Recharge offers Unlimited 3G Data, Not Really"


kya ye plan kam karata hai


This is over 4 years old news. Not sure if this plan is actually there now.




Tata docomo Rs 250 cheating Plane

This recharges totally cheating.

I am recharging 250 TT 222 after cut+ cut+ cut my balance

After I am recharging for 20 immediately cutting BAL Rs-1

Then I am recharging after 1week for 20 suddenly cut BAL

But one thing this unlimited 3g I am download one song only

That song cost Rs-300 cd in shop just Rs -50 so plz don’t recharge.

(121 customer cares
you call in your tata network one day one time only attend the call.)








try this apn




jaimin Patel

This plan is Available now ….