TATA Indicom introduces QuickFinder Navigator and Maps

Now you will never lose your way. Tata Indicom has introduced QuickFinder Navigator and QuickFinder Maps.

  • You can receive directions from a specific start point to a specific destination.
  • The QuickFinder Navigator will give you real-time guidance…so you will know exactly where you are at any point in time.
  • You will receive voice assistance at every turn.
  • Don’t worry if you take a wrong turn – you will be informed and your route will be recalculated automatically.
  • Pan in on the map on all 4 directions and zoom in and zoom out on your screen.
  • SMS your location to friends and family (only on Moto Razr).

Service Availability:

  • QuickFinder Maps and QuickFinder Navigator are available on select Moto Razr handsets and BlackBerry 8830.
  • This service is currently available in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

How can you get it:

  • Moto Razr: Go to Tata Zone, click on Mobile Shop and download the QuickFinder Navigator/QuickFinder Maps from the catalog.
  • BlackBerry: Go to Tata Zone and click on the QuickFinder Navigator/QuickFinder Maps link to download the application

To verify whether your Moto Razr can support the applications, please follow the steps outlined below to check the software version of the device:

Go to Menu arrow-im Phone status arrow-im Other Information arrow-im S/W Version arrow-im GATW218_05.05.00R

If the software version is not ‘GATW218_05.05.00R’, then you need to upgrade your Moto Razr. Please click here to get the list of authorised Motorola service centers where you can upgrade your phone.


  • QuickFinder Navigator Rs.200 for 30 days on Moto Razr & BlackBerry.
  • QuickFinder Maps Rs.50 for 30 days on Moto Razr.
  • QuickFinder Maps Rs.100 for 30 days on BlackBerry.


  • The directions generated by QuickFinder Navigator and QuickFinder Maps application assume an automobile as the method of transportation. The application is not intended for use for trains, buses, walking, or other methods of transportation when generating a route.
  • QuickFinder Maps will generate turn-by-turn directions but will not provide voice out turn prompts or automatically advance the directions to the next turn.