Teardown reveals that Google Glass components cost less than $80

Despite the innovative technology display in Google Glass, a major deterrent for prospective customers, besides the availability, is the ridiculous price tag of $1500. However experts now show that individual parts hardly cost 5 percent of the total cost.


According to initial estimates of the components of Google Glass released by a company which is known for analysing new consumer gadgets by tearing them apart, the Glass cost just $79.78 on its components. The major costs involved include the Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 applications processor priced at $13.96, the 16 GB Toshiba NAND flash memory priced at $8.18 and the display with the touchscreen and glass priced at just $3.

While a Google spokesman claimed that the cost estimate is completely wrong, industry experts believe that the additional costs could be incurred on assembling the components on a small wearable device, not to forget the high production costs in California. However that still doesn’t seem to account for the remaining 95 percent of the price.