Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal a victim of Pesky SMSes too, Official says action by Nov. 5th

If you thought that you were the only one who was fed up of the pesky SMSes and calls, here is some news for you.


India’s Telecom Minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal is himself a victim of such calls and SMSes and said that he receives such an SMS every two minutes.

Speaking to reporters at the Worldwide Cyber Security Summit in New Delhi, Mr. Kapil Sibal went on to say, “TRAI is taking it up (pesky calls/SMSes issue). I also face lot of problem. Every two minutes I get such SMS.”

He also said, “People…used international servers (to send such SMSes), but that also has been stopped. I met TRAI Chairman. He will ensure that this is not going to happen anymore.”

On the other hand when TRAI’s Chairman, Mr. Rahul Kullar was asked about the pesky calls, he went on to say, “You will see something by November 5.”
TRAI has indeed taken many a steps to keep a check on suck calls and SMSes but to no avail but now that the Telecom Minister himself is a victim of it, we do hope that some concrete action is taken by the controller body.