Telecom Tribe is now Live. Join the tribe at

After days of work today we are announcing the launch of the Telecom Tribe. Its live now you can access it at and be a part of the Tribe. Telecom Tribe is a community for Telecom and Mobile enthusiasts to Ask, Share and Discuss about Telecom and Mobile Industry.

Some Key features of Telecom Tribe

  • Unique User Profile URLs eg :
  • Karma Points – Its basically a User Reputations feature, so write good quality content, help user to get more reputation
  • Thank You Button – Hit on the Thank You Button if you find a Tribal (User) helped you.
  • Personal Profile – Add information about yourself, add your avatar, the telecom operator/s and mobile phone/s you are using etc.
  • Recent Topics – See Recently created Topics Instantly
  • Topic Icons – Various Topic icons to give a visual idea to the other Tribals (users) about what you are sharing.

So, join the Tribe now and get your celebrity status by getting Karma points by helping others. To be a part of Telecom Tribe visit

PS : If you have any suggestions, share them by using the ‘Contact Us’ form.