TeleDNA Launches mZone – A Mobile Video Upload and Social Networking Application

mzone-mobile-application TeleDNA Communications has launched mZone, a mobile application which allows its subscribers to upload pictures or video clips from their mobile phones on to the internet.

According to TeleDNA Communications, mZone provides mobile users a space of their own to upload their photo’s and video clips. A mobile user can upload his / her private photos and video’s to mZone private arena which can be viewed only by him/her. Similarly, a mobile subscriber can upload photo’s or video’s to mZone public arena – which upon some filtering will be viewed by all mobile and internet users.The application can also link to popular internet social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and Flikr etc.

All GPRS/MMS/WAP/Mobile Internet subscribers can avail this service free of charge by downloading the mZone application from or