Telegram 4.0 released with video messages, bot payments and more

Keeping up with the growing user base, Telegram has now launched the latest version of the of the popular instant messaging app.


Telegram has announced a major update to the Telegram instant messaging app. The new update for Telegram v4.0 adds quite a few new features like video messages, instant views, bot payments and Telescope.

The new Telegram app now has the ability to record video messages that can be shared in group chat or Telegraph channels. to send a video message, go to any chat on Telegram and tap the mic icon to switch to camera mode following which you can tap and hold the camera icon and record a video message.

According to Telegram, video messages are fast because it compresses them and sends them as you record them. Video messages are automatically downloaded and auto-played by default. The messenger app also has launched Telescope which is a dedicated video hosting platform for those who use videos to communicate with their audiences.

Telegram has also launched Bot Payments that allow Bot developers to accept payments from their users. Users can order goods or services from bots that offer them. These bots may now add a Pay button to their messages. On clicking on Pay, users can add credit card and shipping information to confirm the payment.

Additionally, the instant view feature allows you to read articles from any blog or media outlet in a uniform and easily readable way. In addition to the text of an article, Instant View pages support images, videos, and any other media.