Telegram 4.1 update increases supergroup limit to 10,000 members, brings new admin tools and more

Telegram has announced some cool new features. It is rolling out these features as a part of v4.1 update for both Android and iOS. The feature set includes increasing the supergroup limit, bringing in new tools for admins, support for Android Pay and more.


Starting with the supergroups, Telegram has now increased their maximum limit to 10,000 members. Yes, 10,000 members, and of course, when you have that many members in a group, the admins need much more control over the group than just being able to add or remove members from the group.


With the 4.1 update, supergroup admins can now exercise more control over the group. Firstly, the main admin can now add more admins to the group and decide what those admins can do, whether they can change group info, delete messages, ban users, pin messages or add new admins.

Besides, when you are in a group, you will always have some notorious members in it. To keep a check on such members, admins can restrict their actions in the group and decide whether they can send or read messages, send media, stickers, GIFs or even links. We actually like these admin tools as you no longer need to remove a group member. You can let them stay in the group as a read-only member. Oh, and yes, did we mention that you can use admin bots as well? Yes, you can do that.


Well, after making someone the admin of the group, it’s important to keep a track on their activities as well. As a solution to this, Telegram has also included the “Recent Actions” section to the admins page from where you can see all the actions taken by the admins in the last 48 hours. Moreover, this section also shows the messages that were deleted from the group in the last 48 hours as well as the ones which were edited along with their original version.

All these features are available to both the Android and iOS users, however, iOS users get an improved sharing extension which lets you add optional comments while sharing something. Speaking of Android, Telegram brings in improved media selection as well as Android Pay support for Bot Payments.

This update also features anti-censorship tools such as the ability to set up a Proxy server in the “Data and Storage” section of the Settings. We believe in free and secure communication. It’s our responsibility to offer technology to defend our users’ right to privacy and freedom of speech around the world.said Telegram in a blog post.

These features are now available to both Android and iOS users, if you don’t see them yet, just update your app.

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