Facebook introduces a new “Find Wi-Fi” feature globally for iOS and Android

Facebook launched a “Find Wi-Fi” program last year in a bunch of countries but it was in the testing phase. The new service was launched as an initiative to get free Wi-Fi to people. At that time it supported iOS. But now, after a good response, the company is launching the service globally on iOS and Android.

facebook-find-wi-fi You will find this new feature under the “More” tab in the mobile app. There you will have to turn on the “Find Wi-Fi” tab to start seeing open hotspots and details of the hotspot providers.

This feature might be very useful where mobile data is very patchy, especially in developing countries. Last year, Facebook got very good feedback to its program but there is still a long way to go before the feature is fully reliable. As first businesses must first add their own Wi-Fi from the “Edit Page”. So it might take time to get the service populated.

Facebook has had many other initiatives going on to get internet connectivity to remote areas like the solar baloon project and other infrastructure investments around the world.