Moto X4 reportedly coming to Google’s Project Fi later this year

The Moto X4, which was going to be launched on June 30, has been reportedly delayed due to the shortage of Snapdragon 660 SoC. Well, while we still don’t have any word from Motorola regarding the launch of Moto X4, a latest report says that it would be coming to Google’s Project Fi in Q4 2017 which means we should expect it to launch somewhere around the same time.

According to a report by Evan Blass from VentureBeat, the Moto X4 will be coming to Google’s Project Fi carrier in Q4 of this year. This report immediately comes after Google announced that a new Fi-compatible mid-tier device from one of their partners is coming later this year. Well, it turns out this partner is Motorola which Google once owned and the device is the Moto X4.

Well, if this happens, the Moto X4 will be the first non-Google device to have support for Project Fi. Until now, only the Nexus and Pixel smartphones were compatible with Fi. Also, for those unaware, Project Fi is Google’s carrier service in an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) arrangement which makes use of U.S. Cellular, Sprint and T-Mobile’s network to provide services to the customers.

Coming back to the Moto X4, according to an individual aware of the company’s plans, it will be launched in Q4 of this year. There isn’t much concrete information available right now about this device, however, Blass confirmed that it will come with dual camera setup. Apart from that, the Moto X4 is also said to come with 5.2-inch Full-HD display, 3D Glass, SmartCam (which might be a reference to the dual camera setup), Snapdragon 660 SoC, 4 GB RAM and 3800 mAh battery.

It’s actually good to see a non-Google device being supported by Project Fi, however, it would be better if more devices across different price segments get Fi support, giving more choice to the people.