Telegram update brings improved voice messages, secret chats, photo editor and other useful features

Telegram’s latest update is surely going to add fuel to the Telegram vs WhatsApp debate. The v3.5 update brings some cool new features along with some improvements to the already existing ones.

Voice Messages 2.0 along with Raise-to-listen and Raise-to-speak

The voice messages feature already existed on Telegram, but with this update, Telegram has taken it a level above. You can now listen to long voice messages while you are chatting with someone or are browsing through the media. This adds a touch of multi-tasking as you don’t have to stay in the chat while listening to the message, it will keep playing the background.

Another important update is the Raise-to-speak and Raise-to-listen feature. You can literally listen to a message or record a new one just the way you talk to the person on a normal call. All you need to do is the bring the phone near your ear and start listening to voice messages or record a new one.

Secret Chats 3.0

One more thing is the Secret Chats 3.0 which includes self-destruct timers, end-to-end encryption, link previews, photo and video captions, stickers, inline bots and GIFs.

Photo Editor

This update also brings some additional tools to the photo editor on Android. These tools include rotate, fade, tint and curves.

Here are some other features that are also included in the update:

  • Privacy: You can decide who can add you to a group and who cannot.
  • Supergroups: Supergroup creators can now choose whether all the existing members of a group can add new members or only the selected admins.
  • Sharing extension: Users can now share any photo, video, audio, document or location to any Telegram chat or channel straight from default iOS apps like Contacts, Maps, Voice Memos and Photos.
  • Attachment Menu: Media files will zoom when you select them in the attachment menu. Also the ‘Image Search’ has been moved to the ‘Photo or Video’ section.
  • Hotkeys: iPad users can now navigate through chats and send messages by using the hot key on their external keyboard.

Download link: iOS | Android