160 year-old Telegraph services to be discontinued in India from July 15

With the increasing usage of the modern communication means like Smart phones, emails and SMS, there is a marked decline in the use of telegrams. Due to this reason BSNL has decided to discontinue the telegraph service in India.


The telegraph service, which is nearly 160 years old, was once upon a time the main source of quick and urgent communication which delivered happy and sad news to people spread all over the country. But with the new means of communications like emails and SMS, the use of telegrams has been drastically reduced. As such BSNL has decided to discontinue the telegraph service with effect from July 15, 2013.

The decision to close the telegraph service has been taken after consultation with the Department of Posts after the Government asked the BSNL board to decide about the fate of the service as it was not commercially viable. While activists claim that the service should be continued by the Department of Posts as rural India still uses the service to communicate.

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