Telemarketers move to WhatsApp to push their services to customers

As if the annoying promotional SMS’s haunting every user were not enough of a disturbance, telemarketers have now apparently moved to WhatsApp to push their services and products.


According to sources, major telemarketers are back with their annoying promotional messages, but this time using the popular instant messenger WhatsApp. The shift is mainly attributed to the new regulations imposed on telemarketers which basically defeats the objects of telemarketing. As such, they have slowly moved towards the social media based messengers like WhatsApp, which are currently unregulated.

Telemarketing companies have started exploiting the fact that WhatsApp has fewer regulations which are troublesome to telemarketers and that the instant messenger is widely popular amongst Indian users. Further this medium become completely internet based, is comparatively cheaper. However given the increasing number of complaints, WhatsApp has started taking legal action against companies that try to send unsolicited messages to users.