The LightPad can project up to a 60 inch display from your Smartphone

QP Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. has announced that it will be showcasing the LightPad product at the CES 2012 exhibition in Las Vegas.


The LightPadTM is an awesome piece of technology which extends the functionality and user interface of smartphones by providing the user with expanded utility via built-in 11 inch high contrast rear projection screen, up to 60 inch screen in front projection mode, and a full-size keyboard.

You can connect a smartphone with the LightPadTM which then provides virtually all functions of a notebook computer. This is done all thanks to a rebirth of rear projection using a pico-projector. The high gain and high contrast rear projection screen provides for a high quality display. Advantages of using a pico-projector for the display is power efficiency (over 500 nits for under 2.5 Watts), thin form factor and light weight.

Notebook sized displays are not sufficient for many applications including small group meetings where PowerPoint presentations are common. This device can produce up to 60 inch display in front projection mode with its super short focal length projection lens. It can be used as a big screen display/projector for meeting presentations, video/TV viewing, and big screen gaming. Connectivity to all smartphone platforms with HDMI or MHL output (iOS, Android, Win, Blackberry) are supported.