The production cost of making a Lumia 900 exceeds that of an iPhone 4S!

You might have seen the price tag of an iPhone 4S and thought, ‘Well, this seems just too expensive’. But that hardly means that it might be the most expensive to make, does it?

Well, it seems Microsoft and Nokia too have jumped on-board with their own expensive phones.

The fact remains that while each iPhone 4S (16 GB) costs $188 (Rs. 9,400) to make, a Lumia 900 will cost $ 217 (Rs. 10,850) to make, even though it has no Retina display or features like Siri.  
If that rattles you about the Lumia series, don’t worry. Nokia and Microsoft, because they want to create their niche in the mobile industry, will still offer these phones at good prices. Nokia recently dialed down the price of the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 in India. The Lumia 900 is costing a cheap $100 on contract n the U.S. We wouldn’t expect t to be priced at more than 35,000 Rs. here, If Nokia is serious about selling it.