The Samsung Galaxy S II powers an E-bike concept made by Ford

Here is a new thing that you can do with your Android device, power a bicycle! We are not kidding; Ford has revealed a concept bicycle called the E-Bike which is powered by a Samsung Galaxy S II. It has an electric motor built into the front wheel and it is capable of reaching speeds of up to 25 km/h thanks to a 9.2 Ah battery. It also has a carbon belt instead of the conventional chain which you can use to pedal away in case you are out of battery juice.
So what does the smartphone do for you? Well through some specially made softwares, riders will be able to change suspension modes, check the battery charge, navigate around with Google Maps, listen to music and more. It’s a concept, so yes you might never see one in the shops for sale, but this does spark a revolution in using Android device based transport. Who knows, maybe Android could power even more services in the future.