ThinkFlood Launches RedEye Universal Remote Control System for iPhone and iPod touch

moz-screenshot-3  iphone-red-eye  ThinkFlood has launched RedEye personal remote control for iPhone and iPod touch ( It is priced at USD 188. RedEye is the only complete universal remote control system for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows users to control virtually any home entertainment device from any room in the home.

You can download the free RedEye app from the iTunes App Store, and place the RedEye base station in the same room as the equipment it will control. The iPhone or iPod touch communicates with the RedEye base station through the customer’s wireless network to control TVs, DVRs, stereos, gaming equipment and more.

You can download codes from RedEye’s global code database, which is updated regularly. RedEye also has a learning function, which allows users to program commands using an existing device remote.

To watch RedEye setup demo click here

How Does it work ?

After you install the RedEye app (a free download from iTunes) on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can communicate with the RedEye device over Wi-Fi. Then the RedEye device sends out infrared signals to control your equipment. Because the RedEye device is in the same room as your equipment, you don’t have to be. Instead, you can control your living room stereo from the kitchen, or turn off the TV upstairs.

Like some high-end home automation setups, the RedEye system is modular: you can control more rooms by adding more RedEye devices, or add more controllers by adding more iPhones.