This app will turn your 3,60,000 photos into a huge mosaic

All of us use our smartphones to click pictures, and why not? Today smartphones have some state of the camera hardware and software that enable you to click like a pro.


Apps like Instagram and alike have been the next thing in mobile photography as they aid the user to click some really nice pictures with their smartphones. Here’s another such app that takes mobile photography to a whole new level. The Revolution Mosaic iPhone app will bring together 3,60,000 photos and stitch them together into one large mosaic. The app is still under development but will be hitting the app store soon.

Here is how the app will work:

When the revolution begins and the app launches, it will display an empty white space at first. It will be up to mobile users like you to fill that white space with photos from your phone. When you upload a photo, it will appear as a tiny dot in the white space of your screen. Every day, as users from around the world keep uploading photos, the number of dots will increase until a mosaic begins to form. At any time, you can pinch and zoom into the mosaic like a map, and clearly see the tiny photos that make up the larger mosaic.

The final mosaic that the app makes will be submitted to the website and will be available to the user. The final mosaic will be available for purchase through the app and the official website as a 48″ by 72″ poster. The app will be available somewhere around the month of May.

Check out the video for more:

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