This iPhone case flies off as a puck at 205 KM/H, doesn’t break the phone

The best ad for your product is a superb demonstration of what it can do. The folks at G-form have given advertisement a new definition by playing Hockey with the iPhone, albeit embedded in a G-form iPhone case, where it flies off as a puck at the deadly speed of 205 KM/H. The best part? They go on to attend a call after their hockey game.


G-form is known for its high strength cases. It last came out with an iPad case that survived a fall from outer space! Their iPhone case works for both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.  Still finding it difficult to believe? Here, watch this video for proof.

You can collect this case form G-form’s website for a cool $39.95 (Rs.2000 app.) This iPhone case is best for situations like for e.g. when you are driving a bike and you iPhone slips out of your pocket. In any case, if you have got your hands on an overtly expensive iPhone, I guess you wouldn’t mind spending a little more on a fancy case.