Rumour: Nokia 803 to be the last Symbian handset with Belle, 4-inch screen and the largest ever camera sensor

Nokia just might be getting ready to bid its final goodbyes to the Symbian platform, but not without some fireworks. It seems Nokia’s final Symbian handset – the Nokia 803 will be a masterstroke as far as Nokia’s handsets go. It is expected to come with a 4-inch AMOLED display, an HDMI port, MicroSIM support, NFC and will run on Belle. It is also expected to come with the biggest smartphone camera sensor ever.

While we would like to remind you that rumors are rumors until proven otherwise, this one seems quite believable. See, with Nokia switching on to the Windows platform, it will mean less or no Symbian support from now on. Well you would have some apps but we don’t think any developer would like to continue making apps for Symbian, if Nokia makes a full switch. The only thing left to make this handset really worth your money would be out-of–the- world specs or budget price. No one would really want a fancy version of the Nokia 5800; rather people would fancy a Symbian version of the Lumia 800. In our view, its camera should be such that it bids the N8 into retirement.

Nokia’s association with the Symbian platform has been long and the Nokia 803, in our view, is Nokia’s way to go out with a bang. The phone is to be announced in May, but don’t act surprised if it pops up at the MWC this month. Here’s an illustration from Pocketnow we posted way back of what it might look like.