This touchscreen Pizza hut table lets you order easily, play games and pay from your smartphone

You might have thought about the future, you might have thought about drones and robots, but you might have never, even in your fantasies thought about a touchscreen table which would let you customize your order, along with letting you eat on it afterwards – the touchscreen Pizza Hut lets you do all that and lets you pay right where you eat, from your smartphone. Voila!


But that is not all this touchscreen offers. In fact, you can actually play games on it. It has been designed by the Chaotic Moons studio and has a Microsoft Surface based Cribs UI. The table has made, according to us, the best use of the Microsoft Surface range there ever will be. They have actually taken three amazing things – gaming, pizzas and touchscreens and combined them to form a delicious treat.

Check out this video on how it works: