How to take three finger screenshots on Realme X [Guide]

Taking screenshots with the Power Key + Volume Down Key is the most common way on Androids, however, manufacturers with custom Android skins have made it possible to take screenshots in multiple ways. The ColorOS is OPPO’s customized Android skin that can be found on OPPO smartphones as well as Realme smartphones.

Realme’s latest entrant in the mid-range segment, the Realme X comes with the ColorOS 6.0 based on the Android 9 Pie and it enables you to take screenshots with a three-finger gesture. Here’s how to enable it on Realme X.


Take Three Finger Screenshots [Realme X]

Before you start with the guide, go ahead and swipe your three fingers on the screen from top to down and see if it works. The default setting for the three-finger gesture is turned on, however, you can manually turn it off/on in the Settings.

Go to Settings and swipe down to Convenience Aid, tap on it. Under that, you will see a few options, tap the last option Gesture & Motion. This includes gesture and motion-based controls for your phone, tap the slider 3-Finger Screenshot to turn on the three-finger screenshot gesture.

  • Move to the Settings -> Convenience Aid -> Gesture & Motion and enable the slider 3-Finger Screenshot.

Now swipe down on the screen with three fingers to quickly take a screenshot.



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