How to activate Night mode on OnePlus 7 Pro [Guide]

The OnePlus 7 Pro has a gorgeous bezel-less curved display and it’s a great experience to watch the content on its Fluid AMOLED screen. But during the night, your eyes can be exposed to the Blue light transmitted from the screen, give your eyes a rest with the Night mode available on the phone. Here’s how to activate Night mode on the OnePlus 7 Pro and other OxygenOS based OnePlus phones.


Activate Night Mode [OnePlus 7 Pro]

Activating Night mode on the phone saves your eyes from the Blue light emitted from the screen. The Night mode filters out any Blue lights coming from the screen to give your eyes relief.

Go to the Settings -> Display -> Night mode and tap the slider ‘Turn on Night mode manually‘ to turn on the Night mode. Once you turn on the Night mode, you will start seeing the screen turning slightly on the Yellower side, this removes the Blue light from the screen.

The Color temperatures can be controlled manually with the help of sliders given below, change the Color temperature and Lightness according to as per your needs.

Tap the option Turn on automatically to automate the Night mode every night. As soon as the Sun sets, the Night mode will turn on automatically and turns itself off upon Sunrise. You can manually set the Night mode timings by selecting the custom range in the automatic mode.



That’s all you have to do to activate the Night mode on OnePlus 7 Pro. It also works with OnePlus 7 and other OxygenOS based OnePlus smartphones. Do check more guides on How-To Guides.