Top 10 realme X3 SuperZoom tips, tricks, and hidden features you should know

realme X3 and X3 SuperZoom are among the best budget flagships in the year 2020. realme X3 and X3 SuperZoom both run on the latest realme UI having a number of features and here, we will show you the top 10 tips, tricks, and hidden features of the realme UI on the realme X3 and realme X3 SuperZoom.


1) Taking screenshots using 3 fingers

The easiest way to take screenshots is the usual power button and the volume down button, but realme UI also comes with a gesture-based feature that lets you capture screenshots using the three fingers. All you need to do is swipe the three-finger downwards on the screen and the screenshot will be saved automatically to the gallery.

Although this feature is turned on by default, you can disable or re-enable from the settings.

  • Go to Settings -> Convenience Tools -> Gestures & Motions -> 3-Finger Screenshot.


2) Taking partial screenshots

Partial screenshots use the same gestures just like you take screenshots using the three fingers. Rather than swiping the three fingers on the screen, tap and hold the three fingers on the screen for a second and swipe down, this will give you a selection on the screen. Choose the screen area as per your wish to take partial screenshots.

3) Use USB drives or keyboard/mouse devices

Both realme X3 and X3 SuperZoom support the USB OTG feature that enables you to use the USB devices using an OTG cable or connector. If you want to use a USB drive, an external mouse, or a USB keyboard, use the OTG feature.

To use USB drives or keyboard/mouse on your realme smartphone, connect your USB device using the OTG connector. Once you have plugged in the USB device, enable the OTG connection feature found under the Settings -> Additional Settings.

Go to the Settings -> Additional Settings -> OTG Connection to mount the USB device connected on your realme phone. Now you will be able to use the USB device, a pendrive, or keyboard/mouse.


4) Lock Apps with your fingerprints

The fingerprint scanner on your realme X3 can be used to lock apps so that if someone tries to access the app on your phone, it will ask fingerprint authentication. The fingerprint scanner on the realme X3 series is mounted on the power button and use it to secure the apps installed on the phone.

Set up the fingerprint scanner if you haven’t and head to the Settings -> Security -> App Lock. Choose the apps you want to lock with the fingerprint scanner. Now, the next time you open the app, just put your finger on the scanner to unlock it.


5) Record any screen activity & gameplay

So far the realme X3 and realme X3 SuperZoom both offer flagship-grade performance, the Snapdragon 855+ is one of the most powerful processors in its class. If you are going to game on it, you will certainly want to record games on the phone and show it to your friends or upload them to social media. Aside from this, you can also record chats, videos, or anything that’s happening on the screen.

There’s a built-in screen recorder that helps you to record the screen activity, just tap the screen recorder shortcut from the notification panel and tap the recording button on the floating window. Once you are done with the recording, tap the stop button and the video file will be saved in the Gallery.


6) Viewing real-time internet speed in the status bar

For those who download files or stream videos might want to know the actual speed of the internet, either Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. The realme X3 and X3 SuperZoom allow you to view the real-time internet speed in the status bar.

Head to Settings -> Notifications & Status Bar -> Real-Time Network Speed and tap the slider. Check the status bar and notice the real-time speed indicator.


7) Viewing the battery percentage in the status bar

Can’t find the battery percentage on the status bar? It’s always easy to see how much battery life is reaming just by watching the battery icon with a percentage. The realme UI on both X3 and X3 SuperZoom comes with an animated battery icon, but no percentage is shown by default. To view the battery percentage, here’s what you can do.

Go to the Settings -> Notification & Status Bar and hit the Battery Percentage slider to see the battery percentage in the status bar.


8) Quickly launch Google Assistant using a shortcut

Not just me, many of you use the Google Assistant for anything and it can be triggered by pressing the power button shortcut. To launch Google Assistant quickly on your smartphone, just press and hold the power button for 0.5 seconds and the Google Assistant will open no matter on which screen you are.

This feature isn’t enabled by default, head to the Settings -> Convenience Tools, and turn on the slider that says ‘Press and Hold the Power Button for 0.5s to Wake up Google Assistant‘.


9) Check RAM Usage

The realme X3 SuperZoom comes with as much as 12 GB RAM and there’s nothing to worry about the RAM usage, there’s plenty amount of it. But if you want to check how much the RAM is used and how much is the RAM available on the phone, there’s a quick setting that needs to be enabled. You can easily view the free RAM from the Recent Apps menu.

  • Head to the Settings -> Additional Settings -> Display RAM/Memory Information for Recent Tasks and enable the slider.



10) Access quick shortcuts using the Smart Side Bar

The Smart Sidebar is a quick shortcut bar that helps you to access the shortcuts from any screen. The Smart Sidebar opens a group of handy shortcuts like taking screenshots, recording the screen, keeping notifications silent, as well as, a shortcut to camera and apps.

The Smart Side Bar can be brought by swiping from the side edge where you will see a slight edge of the bar hiding on the screen edge.

  • Enable the Smart Sidebar under Settings -> Convenience Aid -> Smart Sidebar.



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