TRAI has rated TATA Teleservices least congested for 6th time in a row

tata_indicom_logo  Tata Teleservices Limited (TTSL) has emerged as the only pan India operator with “ONE POI CONGESTION” in TRAI Quarterly Report on Network Congestion for the quarter ending June 2009. Tata Teleservices recorded 1 POI congestion as against 12 POI’s of BSNL, 13 POI’s of Vodafone, 7 POI’s of Bharti, 8 POI of Reliance Communications and 17 POI of Idea. With consistent performance, TTSL has earlier also been rated as the least congested network in TRAI’s last five consecutive quarterly reports.

Commenting on the company’s continued network dominance, Mr. A G Rao, President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Tata Teleservices Limited said: “This is the sixth time that TTSL has been rated as the best amongst all pan-India telecom operators by TRAI. More so, we are proud of the fact that this time its “One” POI congestion and we are still working hard to reduce the gap. We have been conducting rigorous quality checks to sustain this competitive edge and provide exemplary services since last six consecutive quarters. It is our primary objective to ensure that our subscribers experience the unique advantages of our network—crystal-clear voice quality and minimal call drops.”

The growth of mobile network is taking place at a very rapid pace and about millions of subscribers are added every month. In order to ensure seamless interconnection, TRAI has been monitoring the level of congestion at the Point of Interconnection (POI) between various service providers on a monthly basis. This parameter signifies the ease with which a customer of one network is able to communicate with a customer of another network. This parameter also reflects as to how effective is the interconnection between two networks. The benchmark notified by TRAI in the QoS Regulations for this parameter is <0.5% [This means out of 200 calls between two operators only one call should face congestion problem.]