TRAI issues Directions to improve transparency in telecom tariff offers

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has issued directions to telecos with a view to improve the transparency in the tariffs.

The TRAI is of the view that these directions will help subscribers to choose the plan that meet their needs.

Here is what TRAI ordered
  • All the tariff plans meant for pre-paid and post-paid subscribers shall be published in separate formats. These formats shall contain all the tariff plans offered by the Telecom access service provider in a service area covering all tariff items along with tariff for the same in tabular formats at one place for facilitating easy comparison across tariff plans.
  • All the tariff plans shall be made available to the subscribers in the prescribed formats at the Customer Care Centres, points of sale/retail outlets as well as on the website of the Telecom access service provider.
  • The Telecom access service provider shall ensure that the tariff plans published in the prescribed formats are updated on their website and customer care centre every time there is a change in any of the tariff plans, and make available the updated tariff plans in these formats by the 7th day of January, April, July and October at their points of sale and retail outlets.
  • The Telecom access service provider have been mandated to publish all the tariff plans in prescribed formats in at least one regional language and one English newspaper at an interval not more than six month and provide compliance to the TRAI.
These directions will surely bring in more transparency resulting in wiser and easier decisions while choosing the tariff plan.

What’s your take.